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Structural Rehabilitation

Structural rehabilitation is a periodic maintenance requirement, especially for older structures. Our structural rehabilitation services for high-rise buildings, seawalls and parking garages include structural condition assessments, testing, specifications preparation, bid & permit document preparation, and project management.

Structural Condition Assessments
Inspections & testing of high-rise condominiums, hotels, seawalls and parking structures for structural damage and preparation of repair estimates. Assessment methods include visual inspections, acoustic sounding, Schmidt Hammer, ground-penetrating radar, infrared thermography, and corrosion testing.
Retrofit Designs
Design retrofit solutions to restore deteriorated structural elements to originally intended strength or to carry additional loads. Understanding of original design through existing plans (if available) and service loads is critical in evaluating feasibility of repairs, strengthening with carbon fiber, and/or retrofitting.
Specifications Preparation
Preparation of detailed specifications including repair materials, repair methodology, and paint specifications for structural rehabilitation projects
Bidding and Permit Documents
Preparation of detailed bid documents including contract critique, contractor selection, comprehensive scope of work development and permit document management
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