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DRONE Surveys

Drones take many videos and high-quality photos as they move in and around buildings at different altitudes. In a single mission, hundreds of data points can be captured for later use. That data provides a historical record to aid in insurance claims, maintenance and future renovations. At SRI, our FAA-certified pilots perform drone surveys of residential and commercial properties throughout South Florida. Out proprietary software, Catalogger®, makes data simple to store, search and access.

FAA-Certified Drone Pilots

All of our pilots have passed the FAA's Small UAS Rule (Part 107) examination and maintain their flying credentials by passing recurrent examinations every two years.

Mission Planning With Recorded GPS Coordinates
Allows for repeated flights along the same path. Missions can be scheduled periodically to observe time-dependent changes such as concrete deterioration, roof wear and tear, hurricane damage, and modifications to surrounding structures.


Locally-developed, proprietary software for storing, indexing and viewing drone property photos

The image above shows a site that was photographed by a DJI Pro drone from various angles and elevations. The droplets represent locations where drone images were acquired.

This image, at 41 feet, shows additional photo locations (represented by red dots).
At each location, photos are available from different altitudes.

The detailed, high-resolution image above is a close-up of the cooling towers on the roof of the south wing.