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Project Management

Professional project management is critical to successfully implement project specifications, control project costs, manage changing scopes of work, and resolve disputes. SRI's project management services include, but are not limited to:

Conducting weekly or bi-weekly progress meetings with the contractor and owner's representative. Issuing reports of the meetings summarizing status of the work and any major issues that must be resolved.
Identifying & marking repair areas; conducting inspections of repairs, materials, procedures, and quality of work; and quantifying repairs
Reviewing, commenting, and approving contractor submittals
Tracking the project schedule
Tracking the quantity of all completed work
Reviewing and certifying contractor payment applications
Serving as a liaison between owner and contractor
Resolving problems as they arise during construction
Reviewing required change orders and advising owners
Integrating owner-initiated changes into the scope of work, re-evaluating project costs, issuing revised drawings and specifications, and coordinating necessary permit changes
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