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Specifications Preparation

Every project has unique aspects which require careful attention to detail, especially with respect to evaluation, design, repair methodology, and material selection. Our professionals are constantly researching and adopting the latest materials and most advanced technologies to best meet our clients' project needs.

Repair Specifications
Includes specifying proven materials and methodologies. SRI believes in the use of a "family of materials" from reputable manufacturers. This allows for material compatibility, better support from manufacturers' representatives, and comprehensive warranties at the end of a project. Repair specifications are detailed to allow bidders to present competitive bids and lower overall project cost.
Paint Specifications
Most major paint manufacturers provide detailed use specifications in order to receive a product warranty. SRI provides Performance Specifications which specify performance criteria. One important criterion is a "wind driven rain test," which is significant for coastal environments such as South Florida. Bidders are encouraged to engage manufacturers' representatives at the earliest stage to evaluate applicability of products for the unique conditions of the project (e.g., condominiums on the beach vs. inland structures).
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