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40/50 Year Surveys

The 40-Year Building Safety Inspection Program is a county-mandated safety inspection that allows for the identification of structural and electrical safety issues before they become serious or life-threatening. Inspections are required on all structures 40 years or older, and every 10 years thereafter. If initiated before reaching the 40-year mark, this program will allow time for financial planning. SRI provides structural inspection services for the 40-year inspection certification.

Conducted according to requirements of specific county
Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Broward, etc.
Focused on occupant safety
Buildings inspected for cracks and spalls which can compromise structural integrity
Walls, floors, stairs, columns, and beams
Roofs inspected for rooftop equipment and supports
Connection condition, concrete spall, etc.
Stairs (concrete, wood, and steel) inspected
Spalls, worn treads, connections, and steel stairs for rust
Railings inspected for loose posts, rust, and loose or missing pickets
Compliance reports provided to county
Repair documents prepared as required
Repair specifications and contractor bid package
Electrical safety inspection included
SRI works with several reputable MEP engineers to provide, either jointly or independently, the electrical component of the 40-Year Survey.
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