berkley south condominium

3015 N. Ocean Blvd, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308

project description

Berkley South Condominium is composed of an 18-story mixed-use building with a total of 198 apartment units, 34 commercial units, a 48,000 square foot amenity deck and a 99,000 square foot underground parking garage.  SRI was responsible for the engineering, project management, and quality control for this project. Our services included preparing plans and specifications, managing the bidding process, overseeing the project budget, tracking the project schedule, conducting progress meetings, performing special inspections, and providing inspection reports for the local building department.  Additional project details are provided below.

Project details

  • Project Value - $5.715 million

  • 18-story multi-use building

  • 48,000 sq. ft. deck

  • 99,000 sq. ft. underground parking garage

  • 5 projects

Amenity Deck Concrete Restoration & Architectural Renovation
The scope of work included 1) miscellaneous concrete repairs to structural elements of the recreational deck and pool shell, 2) removal of 48,000 square feet waterproofing and replacement with Roofpro waterproofing, 3) demolition of the existing raised pool deck for an expansion with hollowcore slabs. 4) removal and replacement of existing pool finishes and waterproofing, 5) demolition of existing planters and construction of new round planters, along with new landscaping & irrigation work, and 6) installation of new aluminum trellises and shaded pavilions, glass railing and lighting features. $2,800,000.
Building, Ground floor & Garage Restoration Project
The scope of work included concrete and stucco repairs to the building tower, ground floor and garage. Also included was the demolition of existing parapet walls on the balconies (2,713 linear feet) and installation of new glass railing on both the balconies and amenity deck perimeter (5,600 linear feet). $2,500,000.
Clubroom & Gym
The scope of work included architectural and structural drafting and design for modification to an existing recreation area (i.e., new recreation clubroom and gym). $235,000.
The scope of work included architectural and structural drafting and design for modification to an existing clubroom. $30,000.
Plane Crash Emergency Repairs & Project Management
SRI served as a "Second Responder." The scope of work included providing the necessary emergency repair details and specifications pertaining to a plane crash that occurred on March 1st, 2019. Project management and inspections were also performed for both the local building department and insurance companies. $150,000.